Sunday, February 16, 2014


When I began my journey on the Narrow Path, I never imagined that I would one day struggle with my faith. After all, even the word ~salvation~ seems like the struggles will be over, and the blessings will just pour down like rain, right?  In the beginning, YHWH revealed Himself to me in so many ways! Discovering the Scriptures was like finding a treasure chest, full of jewels that seemed to each outshine the other! I would pull one Scripture after another out to see its beauty and magnificence. I knew, even though I didn't fully understand, that I was viewing all the answers to every question ever asked. How wonderfully simple I thought it would all be! But after living for forty years doing everything my own way, complete surrender can still be a struggle, even after nine years of walking this path.

I've memorized Scripture after Scripture of the beautiful words inspired by my Heavenly Father. Love it. Die to problem. Be still and wait on Adonai....what could be simpler, right? Abba has been so patient and faithful as I sipped the milk of His Word, and admired the beauty of His Story. He's given me time to absorb the essence of His love, and to understand that there was finally One in whom I could trust. Then, in His perfect timing, He allowed me to be shaken to the core. To question everything I thought I knew about Him. To question everything I thought I knew about myself. And yes, to even get angry at Him because my life suddenly looked nothing like the beautiful jewels in the treasure chest. I was, apparently, being called onto the carpet before the Throne to make a stand for my faith, or for my flesh. I understood that I couldn't stand on or for both. I understood that the time had come for me to choose whom I would serve, my selfish flesh, or my God, who loves me more than I can even fathom. In a torrent of tears of frustration, and without even being able to feel His presense, I chose to follow Him. In that moment, I felt a release, I knew I finally set my eyes where they belong! 

Right after making my choice, Yah stirred my spirit to remember this Scripture:  
~"My grace is enough for you, for my power is brought to perfection in weakness.” ~

There it was, right in front of my eyes! I am going to step out in faith, and fully understand what this Scripture means. If I look at my circumstances or at people for my sufficiency, there will always be a lack. Circumstances are ever changing, and people are flawed, just as I am. YHWH is calling me to higher ground...He will show me He is enough, when I believe He will. Now, for me, is the time! 

The shaking in my life has left me with huge decisions to make and questions about the future, but instead of making them all today, I only need to make one: The decision to live in and recognize YHWH's sufficiency. I want to make these big decisions based soley on His guidance, and the only way to get that is to wrap myself in my All-Sufficient Father! He has distanced me from even those I love for a show me Himself. I can either sit here bemoaning my lonliness, or I can enjoy His company! I can follow every thought that flitters into my mind, or I can aspire to learn His thoughts! I can plot and plan and wonder what will be next in my life, or I can praise and worship, knowing He will use my shaking for His glory, and He has a plan for me!  The choice is mine to make, and it is yours as well, if you are currently being shaken yourself, or have been very recently. 

Embracing the sufficiency of YHWH requires effort on my part, my  flesh resists  it. It's important to exercise discipline during this time! I have come up with a plan to make sure I am good soil for the seed of Yah's Words to blossom in. Perhaps it will help you if you are learning to embrace the sufficiency of Yah. We can't claim to believe He is enough, but wail when He is all we have! Here is how I intend to cling to Him and persue His heart and mind, even when (especially when) I can't "feel" Him near:

(1) Thank Him outloud for being Enough, several times a day. Thank Him for all He has delivered me from, blessed me with, or kept away, for my own good. Thank Him for being good, all the time.

(2) Get in The is the primary source of His communication! A Proverb a day, a Psalm, or a hard-hitting book like James can often speak to any situation I find myself in. 

(3) When feeling tired or weak, cry out to The Father! He'll deliver on-the-spot grace and mercy! 

(4) Fasting and prayer, seeking His wisdom, following as He leads. When I come out on the other side, and there WILL be the other side, I may not have this precious time alone to fully devote myself to Him, I'll take advantage of the quiet!

(5) Get healthy and strong physically. A time of aloneness is a great time to work on strengthening the vessel that carries my spirit around. Eating clean, exercising and getting plenty of sunshine are important for energy and a clear mind. Lethargy breeds lethargy, and I have no time for idleness in my life, time is drawing short! The shaking that is still to come for the Body of the Messiah is going to be HUGE! I want to be able to stand, spiritually and physically.

(6) Give thanks for each manifestation of His Sufficiency I see. When I keep my eyes on all He is, instead of all I am not, it's easy to see His sufficiency all around me. The more grateful I am for it, the more it seems to increase. 

(7) Pray for wisdom, strength, and understanding...YHWH is faithful to give it freely! 

(8) Worship, worship, worship! To each of us, the method might be different. However you best express it, worship The Father!

(9) Live completely in "this day".

(10) When doubts about the future begin to form, repeat steps 1-9.  When the enemy tries to prod pride into action, repeat steps 1-9. When I become my own worst enemy, I repeat steps 1-9! 

The most amazing thing I am seeing so far, here on the inside, alone with YHWH, is this:  The hungrier I am for His Word and for His heart, the more I am fed! Really and truly, He is enough! I don't know the details yet, but this shaking in my life is going to be part of my completed story one day. So is yours. Setting all emotion to the side and clinging to YHWH is the answer, in any given situation! Seek Him for His sufficiency, and all the other things will fall into place. And give thanks when He's all we have, for He is Enough! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mixing Holy With Profane

  If I knew how to cure cancer, I would certainly share my knowledge. Right now, I see a kind of a cancer rampant in the body of our Messiah. I see how it weakens people, interferes with their level of faith and affects their ability to walk out their talk. I know many believers who are growing more and more frustrated, and yet won't listen to the simple version of the answer to their frustration. Until members of the body stop mixing the Holy with the Profane, they will stumble...and cause others to stumble, too.
This month, many churches will be offering Halloween celebrations as safe alternatives to trick or treating. They will say they're doing it as an outreach, but I wonder if our Holy Creator would see it that way. A  celebration of the exact opposite of everything He stands for? It's Holy, mixed with profane. In two more months, churches will have their biggest day of the year, and say they are marking Messiah's birth. This whole celebration comes from a very unScriptural background. It holds a history of mixing Holy with profane. Is it any wonder the statistics show a great increase in depression during the "holiday" season? 
Oh, our advesary, that devil, was so clever after the death of our Messiah! First, he got rid of the Sabbbaths and Feasts of our Lord, YHWH. Next, some man-made holidays were instituted and claimed to be Holy...but they are imitations! One way to check a holiday for Scriptural validity is to ask yourself if atheists observe it, too. I have never known an atheist to sit down to a seder for Pass-Over, or to build a sukkah for the Feast of Tabernacles! Many believers are beginning to see the truths of the Bible, but are still holding on to generations-long traditions! 
Holidays are just one place where believers are mixing a dangerous cocktail of Holy and Profane. We're told not to speak blessings and curses from the same mouth, right? Yet, my friends who profess to have faith in the One True God often post horrible insults concerning politics, preachers, or even other denominations. We were instructed to pray for our leaders and our nation, and certainly instructed to not be a cause of division within the Body!
I'm very surprised to see posts from my believing friends who can't wait to see the next episode of The Walking Dead...or any other shows that celebrate the occult. YHWH told us He sets life and death before us, and we're to chose life. With every entertainment choice we make, we chose life or death, too! 
The divorce rate is the same in the Body as it is in the secular world. So is the unmarried and pregnant rate. We run in the rat race that says we need a thirty year mortgage, a second car, and even a therapist. We buy ground beef on sale, knowing full well that the conditions for our mass-produced meats are deplorable. Many head out to church after having eaten a breakfast including bacon, which YHWH has said was an abomination to eat. Why is it that so many think only some things on the "abominations" list are still abomination? Either our God changes or He doesn't. 
We were created to know YHWH, to have a relationship with Him, and to be His witness. ~“You are my witnesses,” says Adonai, "and My servant whom I have chosen, so that you can know and trust Me and understand that I am he —no god was produced beforeMe, nor will any be after Me.~(Isaiah 43) Never once were we ever told to just fit Him into our day! We are to conform ourselves until we fit into His ways. Reading the Bible "when we can" and throwing up prayers like a storelist are not going to cut it! He wants all of us. Offering Him any less than complete obedience and faith is only going to leave us spinning our wheels, and wondering why the blessings aren't manifesting in our own lives. Some are even learning the truth from searching Scriptures (where truth is clearly given) yet still surrounding themselves with people still living the lies. To get off the fence would undoubtably feel uncomfortable at first. People who once loved you will reject you, because they are quite comfortable with their own beliefs. But there is One and only One whom we should hold a healthy fear of rejection from. Our Father in Heaven. 
 Are we going to hit the mark every single day? No, we are not. But He measures us by our motive and intent...not by how many times we fumble! If we are diligently seeking Him and His truth, He is faithful to reward us and to reveal that truth. And then, He expects us to act on it.
Take an honest inventory of the cocktail that is your life. Are you mixing Holy with profane? Is it working for you? 

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Time is Now

This is not breaking news to you, I'm sure! Our country is facing uncertain times for the future, and in particular, our food sources will be standing on rocky ground. Perhaps our government will get their act together, and perhaps they won't. One thing is for certain as this all pans out. He who holds the food will hold the power! The time has come for us to be holding some of our own food, and therefore holding our own power.

When I was growing up in the seventies, we had a pantry full of canned goods, and a standing freezer full of meats we raised. We bought milk from a neighbor, my dad hunted deer in the winter, and we had chickens that laid brown eggs, and some that laid eggs that were blue tinted. Trips to the store were few are far between. During the blizzard of '77, we were snowed in for two weeks, but weren't without food. My parents both worked full-time jobs, but as evening drew near, we were all weeding and watering in the garden, and feeding cows and chickens. Weekends were spent tending our land and caring for our animals. Of course, those days are long gone, but the memory of the self-sufficiency lingers in my mind when I watch the evening news.

I no longer live on that two acres, with a barn, chicken-coop and plot of tilled land, but I will not let that stop me from getting some food-power of my own! If you've been following this series of my first garden as a grown-up, you already know that soon, I'll have more tomatoes, green beans and bell peppers than I'll know what to do with! If you're new to my adventure, welcome! I am growing vegetables in pots on my lanai that once boasted ferns and foilage. Just as beautiful as the greenery I was growing, now my plants will be producing food! This season is about trial and error for me. Next season, I intend to grow at least 80% of my own veggies, herbs and spices. It is my sincerest desire to encourage my readers to get growing, too! We can all do at least one thing that puts some food power into our own hands. Even if you live in a high-rise, there are creative gardening solutions that can be implemented, allowing you to grow food in a pot under  a sunny window.

My imagination is able to pull up the scene of our local grocery stores if the worst case scenario comes to pass in this country...I've had a glimpse. After hurricane Charley, stores were closed in a 45 mile radius around me. When we would come across one that was open, huge signs hung in the windows announcing...NO ICE! NO WATER! CANNED GOODS SOLD OUT! In my neighborhood, people pulled their charcoal grills to the end of the driveway, and those that had meat in danger from lack of electricity would walk down the road with it, sharing with those who had grills out. We pulled together to solve our common problem. To make it through perilous times, should they come, we are going to have to adopt a mentality that does the same. If six people each do one thing and band together, then six things will be done! If an hundred people do the same, then an hundred things will be done! I beseech you to ask yourself what YOU can do, and I invite you to share your answers with the Goshen Gazette.

The time to start is now, friends! Even if things do improve in our economy, we have seen that improvements can be temporary. It takes less time than you think to get growing. The following series of photos, my green bean plants, covers a time period of just under a month. I am happily anticipating fresh beans on my dinner plate in another month, at most. Instead of saying the ball is in your court, I will say the seed is in your court! Will you drop it in soil? See you next week!

Friday, September 27, 2013


Have you ever noticed that nothing makes you thirstier than realizing that the wonderful pitcher of ice-cold water is almost empty? That phenomenon happened to me today and it got me to thinking. We live in an age when our God seems to be everywhere for us. His best-selling book is readily available, television channels are dedicated to Him, and our online resources and fellowships seem limitless. But what if we knew we only had until Tuesday to get right with our Creator? What if we knew that our complacency had a limit? Would that motivate us to get thirstier for that Living Water? Would it make it so that nothing else mattered to us except the possibility of hearing His voice?
 As the days unfold ahead of us, we believers have a very rude awakening on it's way. Daily, we are losing freedoms here in our own country, and being so desensitized by media that we aren't even noticing! Right now we're thinking we're being persecuted for our belief because someone "unfriends" us, or because someone we love has turned their back on us. But we're sitting pretty, with our thirst quite satiated.

Right now, however, believers in Pakistan are being persecuted with explosive devices, strapped onto suicide-bombers. These kinds of events aren't limited to Pakistan! Believers are paying with for their lives for their belief in the One True God in Egypt, Syria, Iran, and many other places as well. Our Messiah said it might be required of us one day, but we're too busy sipping our water to take that sort of thing too seriously. Right now, it's in those "other places". How far are we behind them, though? If Scripture says persecution is coming, and we see that persecution unto death has been happening for years already, do we really think we won't see it here on our own soil?

I don't believe I'm due for a fitting for a tin-foil hat just yet. We are seeing record breaking changes in our government and in our law enforcement. We no longer bat an eye at sin in this country, and even mass murders are becoming common place, and not shocking us to the core like they used to. The culprit is most often killed on site, without trial or sentence, and the story fades into the background of what our society is becoming.  We even seeing a pattern emerging that requires us to question whether or not there is an agenda behind  this type of violence. 

We have drones as small as insects that can track anyone down, our televisions can now watch us, and we connect ourselves to this world-wide web of information, which is also a tool for our own information to be monitored. We have people being arrested for growing their own food, and for dispensing milk that comes from their own cows! In some places, collecting rainwater is illegal. In others, gathing with brethren to worship in your own living room is illegal. We are no longer allowed to call that which goes against the Scriptures wrong. That is now considered hate speech, and intolerance. Our right to defend ourselves and our home is even coming into question? And soon, our choices for our own health care, or lack of it, will also be taken out of our hands. We don't have to stretch our imaginations too far to see that changes are coming down the line for us as believers, and it is not a pretty picture! Just like our Messiah said.

We must start getting thirstier and thirstier for the One who can see us through all that's to come, all the way to the end.  This availability of all things "God" is not limitless, and should not be taken lightly. One day we may have to keep our belief completely to ourselves. We have to get rid of this complacent mindset, and set our eyes on YHWH! Time grows short, one way or another. We are either going to close our eyes to this world in death, or live in it as it declines beyond anything we could have thought or imagined. There is nothing that can quench our thirst for Him but Him! Immerse yourself in Living Water, before it is literally too late. 

~A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; 
but it shall not come nigh thee.~  From Psalm 91...Holy Scriptures

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Measuring the Well

A friend used the expression, "What's in the well comes up in the bucket" recently, and I have not been able to get it out of my mind since. I know a lot of people who are experiencing a personal crisis right now, and somehow, I think this old saying may play a part in what's happening to them. One friend even told me that he thinks our Heavenly Father might be punishing him, but he isn't sure why. Now, I know that Yahweh does chastise His own from time to time for disobedience, but it occurs to me that perhaps everything bad that happens to us might not be chastisement. Perhaps, upon occasion, the Creator of the universe allows a situation to strike us so that we can see what's in our own well.

As we go about our journey with the King of All, it's easy to become complacent. We have been delivered from this thing, and we have conquered that other thing, or so we think. The deliverance is from Him, count on that being genuine! But the things we think we've conquered through prayer and repentance have a tendency  to resurface, don't they? A bad circumstance sends us running to our own well, to draw up the things we'll need to get through it. It's then that we see what's inside of us. We drop a bucket in to pull up strength, peace, and faith. Too often, though, what we find in the bucket looks more like anger, resentment, jealousy, or fear.

As we gaze at our own reflection in what we've pulled up in our bucket, we find that we still have so much further to go before we are truly the children of our God that we desire to be. I'm reminded that it was next to a well where our Messiah showed a certain woman in Scripture what was truly inside of her, too. It's imperative to  know what's in our spirit! James warns us that we can be hearers only of the Word, and not doers of it. This, he warns, is deceiving ourselves. How sad it is when we read in the book of Luke that many (yes, many!) will stand before our Messiah one day in confidence of their own faith and virtue, yet still be turned away because they missed the mark. We read that our mighty Savior will reject them because He didn't "know them"...Perhaps they didn't take time to see what was really deep inside them. Maybe they were too busy casting out demons, serving at the soup kitchen, and passing out tracts to get before their Creator, and let Him show them where they still had room to grow in Him! Their confidence was their downfall. Another word for confidence can be pride, if we're not careful! And we know what follows pride, don't we? Yes, a fall!

Again glancing into James' contribution to Scripture, we see that we're told to count our trials and tribulations as joy. So much easier to say than to do, isn't it? Waiting in line at the market or in traffic, we can apply this Scripture with ease. Standing next to an open grave, though, or watching a family fall apart, or facing the loss of a job or a home can seem next to impossible to call joy. Yet James says to count it ALL joy. As I think about the bucket and the well, I'm more able to understand his meaning. The hard knocks of this life truly do show what we're made of. They measure our faith. They illustrate whether we'll cling to our maker in any circumstance, or let our own flesh and emotion rule our life. This is something we need to know, because those that cling to their life will lose it, and those who cling to our God will find life.

Until the coming Perfect Day, we are still imperfect. Repentance isn't a one time event, but an ongoing process. We are still human and still have flesh that battles with our spirit. Even our heart and our mind can stand in disagreement! It's a good thing to see into the well of our spirit, to find out what will come up in the bucket! It has ramifications in our daily life, and also ramifications for our eternal life. Even a horrible circumstance can be a gesture of love from our Father, if it reveals the contents of our well. So the next time life sends you running to your well with a bucket, give thanks! You really, really need to know what's in there! If it's a crisis situation that makes you pull up your bucket, give thanks, anyway! For the life we live here on this spinning orb is but a vapor compared to the one to come, and our judgment will be based on what's really in our well, not on what we think is in there!
I Prayed for You Today  :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Lessons in Solitaire

Recently I've had the wonderful opportunity to be "unplugged" for a week. After the withdrawal, which took about a day, I settled into my new routine, sans a link into the world-wide web. Housework took less than an hour of my day, my Bible studies, about two hours. The dogs took another hour (total) and the honey, about four hours, as he works nights and sleeps days. I sleep for six hours. All of these activities combined still left me with about ten hours a day to myself. Even with river gazing, a new hobby for me, I had more time than things to do with it. I'm not complaining one iota, believe me! Alone time has always been a privilege for me, and I cherish it. On day three, I began to play Solitaire in the new-fashioned way, here on my iPad. By day five, our Heavenly Father started whispering to my spirit as I played my afternoon rounds of the game. I so love it when He uses what I'm doing to teach me something, and He does it often! 

The first thing He showed me was that most games of Solitaire aren't won, but lost. After losing, I don't delete the game from my iPad (symbolically throwing out the deck of cards). I redeal. Many of life's battles aren't won, either, but are a series of small defeats. I haven't crawled under a rock to die after these little defeats, but hang out to see which cards are dealt to me next. Like the losing games of Solitaire, these smaller battles in life are still an opportunity to exercise my brain, my attitude, and my skill. I admit that losing ten games in a row frustrates me enough to lay the game aside and find something else to do for a while, but I always pick the game back up, with full confidence that I would see a win soon. Likewise, when life deals several defeats in a row, it's okay to have a little break, some down time. A good cry, a nap, a whole pint of chocolate chip ice cream, a day on the sofa with a good book...none of these things are bad in themselves, sometimes the defeats in life leave a bruise on my spirit. What's important is that I remember to stand up for the redeal, and play another round. 

The second thing Abba pointed out to me really gave me some food for thought! After a couple of losses in a row, I found that I was skimming my eyes over the cards, and making mistakes. I would finally see a move and say to myself, "Self, how long has that Queen of Spades been open?" (Yes, I talk to myself in all those quiet hours, the dogs never answer me...I do!) Had I seen the move when it first opened, it may have been the key card in my victory. Seeing it  too late was key in another game lost. Could it be that after several defeats, I begin to expect it, instead of looking for the victory in every card? Could some of the battles that have defeated me in my life have been because I expected the defeat, instead of looking for the victory? How many things could I have conquered in this day to day life of mine, had I diligently sought victory, instead of letting tired eyes skim over the circumstances, missing the obvious moves? How many times were the right "cards" before my eyes, but not seen? Oh, friends, our God is so clever in administrating His lesson plans to me...I'm so thankful for that! 

I've plugged back in now, and my routine has changed again. I have my writing that I do, I fellowship with other believers online, and I do various studies and research. But I still have some spare time, and will still play a hand or two of Solitaire in the afternoon. Every time I do, I will remember how Yahweh prompted me to look for the victory in every card dealt me, both in the game and in this life of mine. I will remember that in the game and out, defeats are an opportunity for practice, exercise, sharpening my skills, and solidifying my faith in the victory to come! 
                                                               I prayed for you today  :) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

You Want Me to Pray for WHAT?

Without a doubt, the most heart-wrenching prayer that our Heavenly Father has ever heard came from His only begotten Son. As a parent myself, I can't even begin to imagine having countless angels at my command, and the power to supernaturally intervene on behalf of my child, yet still not doing so, because of the reason behind what had to be done. How all of Heaven must have grieved at our Messiah's fervent prayer, and the events that followed it!
Many times in my own prayer life, I have imagined my Savior that night in the garden, under the moon light. We don't know what exact knowledge He had been given from On High concerning the events that were about to occur, but we know He knew enough detail to sweat blood in asking for the events not to come to pass. Surely, He was acutely aware of crucifixion procedures, perhaps had even witnessed one. How does one prepare for that kind of torture? Surely, He also thought about the agony His sweet mother would go through, to witness such an event. Surely, He thought of His followers, and how much more they had to learn. I'd imagine He could have thought of a thousand valid reasons for Him to be excused! And yet, the One I am to model myself after ended His prayer like this:  "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done."
(From the Book of Luke)
There is great importance in how He closed His prayer that night! This was a lesson it took me a while to learn, when I was new to praying. It's a lesson I need a refresher course in from time to time, as well. Do we have any greater need than to be in the center of our God's will? I think not. And yet, we still tend to pray for our own will. I know I'm not alone in this, because I'm often asked to lift my brethren in prayer, and it is my true honor to do so. But, there are some things I'm asked to pray for that I'm not comfortable with. Those are the requests that don't mention His will in them.
People tend to forget that often, the children of our God face trials and tribulations. This is nothing new, it is a common theme through-out the Holy Scriptures. We're quick to pray for His hand to deliver us, but sometimes forgetful to seek His heart during these trying times. Perhaps He has a valuable lesson for us as we walk through the valley. Perhaps He's refining us by fire. He might even go as far as letting us lose everything but Him, only so that we can truly know that He is enough. If His Word is true (and we know it is) then He is still working all things to our good. All things, not just the pleasant things. We gladly receive the blessings from His hand, perhaps we should receive the trials with as much grace! After all, we see in the Book of James that we are to call it joy when we go through our trials. When was the last time you called a trial joy? Yeah, it's been a while for me, too! I would never point a finger at you without applying it to myself first! I'm determined to face my next trial with joy, and to seek Him first, to find what I might learn, and how I might be refined as I await His resolution and deliverance. I encourage you to do the same. Of course we don't desire to be in the line of fire, yet Nevertheless...His will.
Another place I have had cause to stumble, and know many others have, too, is in praying for loved ones who are not walking on the narrow path. How easy is is to torment ourselves over their situations! When I walked through this kind of fire, Abba showed me how dangerously close I was to idolizing the very loved ones I was praying for. He reminded me that my own path to Him was a very crooked one, yet each piece has fit into who I now am in Him. I had to learn to let go of the worry, and hold my faith, no matter how dire the situation looked in front of my eyes. He knows what it will take for every person to finally cry out to Him. He knew with me, and He knew with you. Why would we think He wouldn't know with our loved ones? I was moved to change my prayers and ask for Him to do whatever it takes, and in His timing, to set these loved ones on the path to Him. I would love a family that sees truth perfectly...before Tuesday would be great! Nevertheless....His will.
The hard to swallow truth is that we can't work out anyone else's salvation, only our own. It may be even harder to grasp that sometimes, His will looks nothing like our own. We still must trust Him, even when our heart is breaking. The truth is, nothing is about us. It's imperative to remember that the point of our life is to point to Him. We make sure we reflect the Word we stand on, and we press forward. Second guessing our Creator at every trial or worrisome sight we see is our own faith wavering. Again looking into the Book of James, we read that when we waver and doubt...none of our prayers get answered! Wow, that's a harsh truth! When the worst scenarios are unfolding before our eyes, it's more important than ever to remember: Nevertheless...His will.
I'm learning as I mature in my prayer life that it's perfectly fine to petition Him for my own desires, and the same goes for you! We're told that we have not because we ask not. But I see the most results from my prayers when my chief desire is His will, whether it's what I'd hoped for or not. I've seen so many things that have been deemed tragedy, but that He has used to bring good to others, and glory to His own Name. People come to Him after a funeral, they take His hand in the emergency room, they cry out to Him in rehab. Who are we to say how it will all fit together? This girl heard His still, small voice after a storm that ravaged multiple towns. He is always at work, friends, no matter how it may appear to our own understanding. This is what we must cling to and trust in! Nevertheless...His will.
And so my own prayers continue, as well as the many intercessory prayers I pray each day. I will pray I get the home I want. That my friend gets the job, or the car, or the healing or deliverance. That our loved ones have all scales removed and give up the addiction, adultery, or abuse, and begin walking in The Way. But be forewarned that when you ask me to pray, I will never pray again without asking Him to show us what He'd have us learn in the trial, the wait or the tragedy. And I will end every single pray guessed it, Nevertheless...Your will be done!